Karen Ruan, Executive Director, Project Youth OCBF

Project Youth OCBF offers programs and services that have been proven to make a positive impact on youth, their families, and our community.

Negative peer pressure, gangs, drugs, lack of parental support, economic disadvantage, and lack of resources are just a few risk factors that can mislead youth. The Project Youth programs fill a gap in our community for much needed intervention and services that can increase resiliency for youth to overcome challenges and move forward with accomplishment. We have dozens of incredible stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of our work.

Project Youth’s Board of Directors is comprised of more than 40 professionals, many of whom are from the local legal community. Our highly active board is responsible for fundraising, as well as managing, the resources of Project Youth. With such outstanding leadership and programs, it is no secret why Project Youth continues to grow into an outstanding charitable organization that changes the quality of life for so many youth and families.

Equally impressive is Project Youth’s staff, which I believe is the heart and soul of our programs. We are committed to carrying out the vision of Project Youth and ensuring that every child and parent who receives our services has the ability to feel a sense of achievement.

By learning about and supporting our organization, we hope you will come to appreciate the mission of Project Youth.

Karen Ruan, Executive Director

Nancy GarciaAssociate DirectorFund Development & Project SELF ext. 108
Manny GutierrezCoordinator¡Cuídate! & STOP SHORT of Addictionext. 114
Martha MadridAssociate DirectorHigher Education Mentoring Program & Madres Unidasext. 107
Nazly RestrepoAssociate DirectorClinical Servicesext. 102
Karen RuanExecutive DirectorAdministrationext. 101
Natalie SanchezBilingual CoordinatorPrograma SHORTSTOPext. 120
Santiago SandovalBilingual CoordinatorHigher Education Mentoring Programext. 100
Kathleen ScattonControllerAdministrationext. 103
Frances TorresHealth EducatorMadres Unidasext. 122
Susana VegaBilingual Therapist¡Cuídate! & Madres Unidas ext. 104
Martha VelizBilingual CoordinatorSTOP SHORT of Addictionext. 119