Board of Directors

The OCBF Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance and fiscal management of the Foundation. This impressive 40-member board is comprised of Orange County’s top legal professionals and business leaders. The success of OCBF is due much in part to the strength and commitment of the board.


Welcome to our newest board member, Gary Singer!

Gary J. Singer serves as a senior advisor to RSI Holding and RSI Development. He is chair of the Simon Foundation for Education and Housing. He held an associate and partner position at O’Melveny & Myers LLP in Newport Beach for over 36 years, until his retirement on December 31, 2013. He is the former chair of the transactions department and the former managing partner of the Newport Beach office. Singer practiced corporate, business, and securities law, with a focus on public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate financing matters. Singer’s breadth of legal experience enables him to successfully represent a broad range of interests, from family-owned businesses to large public companies.

Member Spotlight

Board member Eric Traut of Traut Firm was recently featured in this year’s July/August publication of Consumer Attorneys of America. View Volunteer Spotlight – Eriv V. Traut to learn about Eric’s continued involvement with OCBF fundraisers and programs such as the OC Marathon, Project SELF, and the Higher Education Mentoring Program.

President’s Message

Daniel S. Robinson, Esq.

It is my great honor to serve as 2017 President of the Orange County Bar Foundation (OCBF). For about a decade, I have had the privilege of being a member of the Board of Directors and witnessing the incredible work the Foundation does. I have always had the highest regard for the members of this esteemed group, and hope to continue its important traditions and strengthen its contribution to the Orange County community.

My goal for 2017 is to expand OCBF’s ability to positively impact the lives of Orange County youth, especially those who need us most. OCBF and its programs have helped empower youth of Orange County for over 40 years. Today, OCBF runs 6 charitable programs that help these youth achieve their educational goals, become leaders in the community, pursue socially responsible behavior, and develop career skills for the professional world:

  • Project SELF is going into its 22nd year of operation, and has placed over 850 high school students into 8-week summer internships in Orange County law firms and businesses. These are jobs that build character, instill confidence, teach professional and interpersonal skills, and reveal a world of opportunity through continued education. Our 2017 goal will be to increase the number of participants and affiliated schools in the program.
  • Madres Unidas, ¡Cuidate!, SHORTSTOP and STOP SHORT of Addiction have helped educate Orange County youth about present-day health risks (e.g., substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, etc.) and the consequences of socially irresponsible behavior. ¡Cuidate!, OCBF’s newest program, helped educate over 300 11-18 year-olds in 2016. SHORTSTOP and STOP SHORT of Addiction were recently studied by the Orange County Probation Department, which found that juvenile offenders who completed the programs had a non-recidivism rate (percentage that did not reoffend within a year) of 94% and 92%, respectively. Our 2017 goals are to continue expanding our programs, strengthen our relationships with referring agencies and healthcare entities such as Hoag Hospital, improve the quality of our educational materials, and secure governmental and private funding.
  • The Higher Education Mentoring Program has provided mentoring on secondary education strategies and funding to over 200 students pursuing secondary degrees. To date, OCBF Higher Education Mentoring Program participants have obtained 86 bachelor’s degrees, 13 master’s degrees, and 7 community college AA/AS degrees or certificates. Our 2017 goals are to provide more assistance to Orange County students in need of pre-admission mentoring, and to increase the support of our 107 students still working toward their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

As President, I will implement initiatives aimed at increasing program participation rates, growing our capital base, and strengthening the financial stability of the Foundation and its programs.

OCBF’s successful programs would not exist without its dedicated staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to support them. The Board of Directors has unanimously decided that a new OCBF headquarters is needed to ensure the security of its staff and students, and to strengthen the future viability of its programs. To that end, I will work to ensure OCBF’s purchase of, and transition into, its new building in Santa Ana. It is our hope that the new location will provide room for future growth as well as a safer, more accessible location for our staff and the families we serve.

I will be establishing a Capital Campaign Committee tasked with generating funds for the eventual outright purchase of the new building. To that end, I am pleased to report that a number of OCBF Board members and Society of Fellows members have already pledged generous amounts in support of the capital campaign. I will be working with the Grants Committee to help maximize OCBF’s ability to secure government grants, as well as the recently formed Endowment Committee to help secure private and corporate endowments.

Finally, OCBF’s incredible programs would not exist without its Board of Directors and Associate Board. We are extremely fortunate to have over 70 leaders and future leaders of Orange County’s legal and business community to help guide the Foundation and fundraise for its programs. I also will focus on expanding the involvement of the Society of Fellows, an incredible group of 230 extended OCBF family members that raised $29,000 in 2016 and over $350,000 since its inception in 2006.

For every dollar we raise, at least 85% currently goes directly to funding our programs. Although this number is already higher than most charitable organizations, in 2017 we will strive to increase our “program %” even higher.

All of these goals serve to support our primary goal of expanding our impact on Orange County youth and their families. These goals will require the continued dedication of our OCBF boards, staff, and volunteers. Together, we can accomplish these objectives and help strengthen the future of the Foundation for years to come.

I am excited about the opportunities that 2017 presents and look forward to working with all of you to help advance OCBF and better serve the youth in our programs.

Daniel S. Robinson
2017 President

2017 Board Officers

  • President – Daniel S. Robinson, Esq.
  • President Elect – Brian M. Daucher, Esq.
  • Secretary – Mark D. Erickson, Esq.
  • Treasurer – Steven T. Card
  • Immediate Past President – Kyle S. Kawakami, Esq.

Board of Directors

Alan Brutman
Steven T. Card
Timothy D. Carlyle, Esq.
Alan J. Crivaro, Esq.
Brian M. Daucher, Esq.
Mark D. Erickson, Esq.
Alan A. Greenberg, Esq.
William B. Grenner, Esq.
John B. Hurlbut, Jr., Esq.
Linda A. Iannelli, Esq.
Michele D. Johnson, Esq.
Kyle S. Kawakami, Esq.
Michael P. Maguire, Esq
M. Alim Malik, Esq.
Carolyn C. McKitterick, Esq.
Mark E. Minyard, Esq.
Donald L. Morrow, Esq.
Cheryl L. O'Connor, Esq.
William S. O'Hare, Esq.
Michael D. Pursell, Esq.
Jeffrey H. Reeves, Esq.
Gregory G. Rizio, Esq.
Hon. Judith M. Ryan (Ret.)
Edward A. Schlatter, Esq.
Gary J. Singer, Esq.
James M. Skorheim, JD, CPA
Maria Z. Stearns, Esq.
Allan H. Stokke, Esq.
Cindy Stokke, JD
Eric V. Traut, Esq.
W. Henry Walker
Christopher P. Wesierski, Esq.
Robert J. Whalen, Esq
Michael R. Williams, Esq.
Dean J. Zipser, Esq.
Nikki P. Miliband, Esq.

Past Presidents

2016Kyle S. Kawakami
2015Christopher P. Wesierski
Eric V. Traut
2013Collie F. James, IV
2012Mark E. Minyard
2011John B. Hurlbut, Jr.
2010Dennis W. Ghan
2009Carolyn C. McKitterick
2008Allan J. Crivaro
2007James M. Skorheim
2006Allan H. Stokke
2005Kathleen O. Peterson
2004Michael P. Maguire
2003Wayne W. Smith
2002William S. O'Hare
2001Michael T. Hornak
2000Marshall M. Schulman
1999Cindy Stokke
1998William B. Grenner
1997Robert J. Whalen
1996Rodger M. Carey
1995Jess J. Araujo
1994Hon. Judith M. Ryan (Ret.)
1993Donald L. Morrow
1992-1989Robert S. Barnes
1989-1987Ann Avery Andres
1987-1985Richard Schwartzberg
1985-1984James Goff
1984-1980James B. Bear
1979-1973Arthur W. Gray
1972-1969Stanford Shaw